Meet Dave

Dave has been living his dreams in the culinary and hospitality industry for over 3 decades now and could not imagine his life any other way but creating a compelling dining experience for all his guests, teaching young chefs and helping sustain the true craft of scratch cooking.

Dave started his journey at 14 years old. Walking to Portofino's Italian Restaurant in York County as a dishwasher every night and falling in love with the business instantly. It wasn't too long that Dave wanted to learn how to cook after watching the Chefs flipping pans and cranking out scratch made dinners with such a level of expertise....Dave knew that was his calling and so his journey began.

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Obviously too young at the time, he wasn't allowed to be a cook, Dave was taking lessons from one of the Chefs on the basics until he found an opportunity to cook at a small deli.

''I had to fib my way into my first job as a cook as a teenager because I knew in my gut this is all I really wanted to do. I had no real cooking experience other than what I was taught but was able to convince the deli owners I was a great cook....I lived up to the challenge and kept climbing''

Fast forward 30 years later after a successful career in the corporate world, as a hospitality consultant and owner of a Farm to Fork restaurant.

'I'm still obsessed with cooking and serving food. I'm passionate about serving great, locally sourced meats and produce-some of it from my garden!-in tasty, inventive meals that keeps us connected with the past and keeps patrons excited about our food'' I've done it all in the restaurant business. And what I've learned from all these years being around food is that right here, in this iconic old building with the tin ceilings and wood floors on a Main Street that's been the heartbeat of Gloucester since the 1700s, is where I want to be doing what I love.

You will love the vibe here at Lulu Birds. The music, the bar, the smiles, the laughs, the oohs and aahs over the dishes and drinks. Come try our elevated Southern comfort food and tasty cocktails and drinks. Be surprised. Be satisfied. Be happy. Welcome home -We look forward to seeing you for supper.

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